Pre-Order 'Teach Foraging' Ebook Version for £10

Get a job working outside with Nature lovers like yourself whilst earning a great hourly rate from flexible hours.

Teach Foraging!

Teach Foraging Book

Learn to lead introduction to wild food foraging walks to groups in your area using this comprehensive course-in-a-book. 

Learn our very own structure, including our introduction that will ensure your walk participants understand how to forage safely and sustainably.  The book also includes a unique plant grid concept to aid in remembering plant facts.  Sections on ‘You as Teacher’,  Session Planning, Risk Assessment (including our wild food walk risk assessment template), criteria for choosing venues and routes, including how to do a recky walk to ensure your walk flows logically and evenly. 

The second part of the book looks at the Business of teaching foraging with tips for creating and building an online presence including tech tips, marketing ideas and admin. printables.


Why Buy ‘Teach Foraging’ Course in a Book?

  • Our proven session structure that sees our walks full over 15 years.
  • Comprehensive introduction to ensure ‘Safe and Sustainable Foraging’ by your students.
  • Risk Assessment template for foraging walks
  • Criteria for selecting a good venue and route.
  • Printables for session planning, risk assessing, admin tasks
  • Useful completed plant grid with six facts about ten plants
  • Blank plant grid for you to populate for your own area/extend the ten plant grid provided.
  • Simple summary to end your walk.
  • Chapters on setting up a Facebook page, a Website and an email list.
  • Chapters on building an email list and email marketing including automated responses and email flows.
  • Links to Insurance companies willing to insure our graduates.
  • Opportunity to submit your walk via video for feedback and Wild Harvest Teach Foraging Cert.
  • Opportunity to extend your learning in a Four Day Teach Foraging Course.
  • The physical course version is in the process of becoming a recognised national qualification with NOCN.

NOTE:  This is not a course to teach you ‘how to forage’ – it is expected you already have a grasp of the plants ‘out there’ and how they can be used and are happy to build on this.

NOTE:   A video submission or Skyped walk can be submitted to be assessed and receive feedback.

About the Author Di (Wood) Hammill

  • Qualified Adult Education Tutor of 24 years
  • Leading Wild Food Walks for 15 years
  • Member of Association of Foragers
  • Considered a National Expert in Natural Lifestyle and Simple Living
  • Regularly Featured in Media
  • Raised three children alone off-grid living remotely


    Reviews of ‘Teach Foraging’

    I have learn more than I could ever imagine in such a short space of time.  The methods of teaching Di uses are extremely effective, very relaxed, no pressure yet full-on learning and packed full of content.  Plus amazing advice and support, I really couldn’t be happier.


    Only half-way through my studies on the Learn to Teach Foraging course and the experience has already been genuinely transformative. Not only has Di helped me to build on my fascination with wild foods – to see familiar plants with new eyes and a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their potential as foods, medicines and resources – she has also helped me to start seeing my own potential as a teacher, by presenting simple, effective and pragmatic methods for communicating, and marketing my newfound knowledge to others


    The course is an intensive well planned and delivered course.  Everything and more is covered in the course to help you feel confident.


    Pre-Order 'Teach Foraging' Ebook Version for £10

    Get a job working outside with Nature lovers like yourself whilst earning a great hourly rate from flexible hours.