Springtime is a season of renewal, of energy unleashing itself towards the life impulse… if you are still feeling winter-weary why not try YOGA?!  Here’s what Wild Harvests own Yogi Sonia Perry has to say about Yoga…

Perhaps one of the reasons I love Yoga so much is because it is so empowering.  In terms of self-reliance its one of the best ways to nurture your own health and well being.  Like a good hair cut yoga works every time.  The mind becomes clearer and sharper, the body more toned and free.

 Forget the media hype of the bendy bikini babe, Yoga is more about being happy in your own skin.  Help your body relax and be strong, your mind be at ease.  Breathe freely.

Not only does Yoga help us enjoy more energy, it can also directly address imbalances and disease such as insomnia, digestive disorders and back pain.  Yoga helps heal the chronic exhaustion that many people feel living in this over-stimulated and pressured technological age.  It encourages a more mindful way of living with greater appreciation and respect in our lives.

Yoga recognises how we are all part of a whole..

…each of us having an effect as we play our part.  Practice helps us be the best we can be.  Addictions and bad habits fall away naturally as you happily become true to yourself.  Living in a peaceful and as service way at the foundation of Yoga is a belief in non-violence. Ultimately a spiritual practice, Yoga encourages us to question the nature of reality.  This really isn’t navel gazing, more about appreciating that we are much more than a brain in a body.

And Best of All…Once you’ve got the basics Yoga is easy to practice by yourself – at home, at work in the bus queue, on a walk.

As a tonic for these times, this ancient art and science has much wisdom and joy to freely give us all.




Sonia Perry

Yoga Teacher/Therapist/Teacher Trainer


Reserve a weekend for you and your group to stay at Wild Harvest Tipis and book Sonia for  Yoga/Meditation tailored to your groups needs.  Make your own Yoga Retreat at Wild Harvest.  Stretch your body with your feet on the grass while you look over the open fields – I guarantee you will float home after your sessions with Sonia!  Email [email protected] to start your yoga retreat planning.  Accommodation from £16 per head!