Wild Harvest

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The Store

All the products here are natural and will, in someway combined with other items around the house, from your garden or the wild, help you on your journey towards greater self-reliance.  Whether it is in making your own butter and cheese, keeping bees, making your own candles, natural toiletries and wild medicines, foraging for food, or lighting fires with the materials around you these products will be useful for transitting to greater self-sufficiency.  We have also included links to materials for basket weaving and rag rugging.

If you have ever been on one of our popular self-reliance crafts retreats you will recognise many of these items!  Di’s new book ‘Barefoot Self-Reliance’, out next Spring, will describe how do do/make all the crafts taught at Wild Harvest.  It will be a ‘How-To’ book wrapped around her unusual life story.  Look out for ‘Barefoot Self-Reliance’ in 2019!

Love, Di