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Di’s new book ‘Barefoot Self-Reliance’, out soon, will describe how to do/make all the crafts taught at Wild Harvest.  It will be a ‘How-To’ book wrapped around her unusual life story.

Self-Reliance is both a political and personal statement, it is preferred here to self-sufficiency which conjures up images of  veggie growing on a smallholding in a rural idyll.  The journey toward greater Self-reliance can be achieved in an urban setting and in any area of life.

The book is half biography half ‘how-to’  at around 400 pages (110,000 words) including photos, data tables, checklists, tips, quotes, recipes.

What You Will Learn From the Book:

Lighting fire
Cooking on fire
Baking from scratch
Preserving food without electricity
Keeping hens the natural way
Candle making from what is around you
Seaweed survival
How and what to forage for food
Wild Medicine including some basic recipes
How to make your own natural toiletries
How to grow more food in your garden or even balcony for less effort and money
Biodynamic gardening tips
How to make cheese, butter and yoghurt
Making Nut and Seed milks
What to bulk buy and store so you are ready for anything.
Sprouting seeds, nuts and beans
Keeping warm without heating
Water purification
Basic pottery methods using clay from the earth around you
Time Management for busy women to maximise your efficiency
Harvesting/growing willow and preparing it for weaving into garden or household items
Martial arts tenets and simple methods of self-defence
Air rifle and archery basics
Natural Navigation
Natural beekeeping

Plus how to find your voice and vote with your feet…

The biog part aims  to awaken you to the possibility of greater personal empowerment and reduced reliance on others through Di’s inspiring backstory of escaping an entire childhood of sexual abuse, finding her voice and the realisation that her journey lay in self-healing, not medication, not justice, not family support but through self-empowerment.   A journey that lead her, via parental divorce, death of primary care giver, subsequent well meaning neglect, years of abuse, anorexia and exercise addiction to seeking normality and yearning for connection.  But primarily the story of strength and determination to grow via learning and self-health care.   Her choice to re-skill and also raise her three children alone in a remote dale, living in a green-painted off-grid caravan was both a big ‘fuck off’ to those who should’ve been there as well as a desire to allow her own children to grow up away from harmful influences, to provide for them in a place they could develop their true selves. Di learned to use what was around them for their household and personal essentials and to live by fire.  For the last 16 years Di has run Wild Harvest School of Self Reliance empowering other women to do and make more for themselves, naturally.  Now a member of the Association of Foragers, a qualified teacher, Archery GB Instructor,  Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (British Champ Ladies Lightweight 2015) Permaculture Designer and Tutor,  Natural Beekeeper, Survival Medic trained, Hill Walking Leader and Navigation Tutor, Di’s insistence on keeping the ethics and ethos of her business pure has been rewarded with becoming one of the country’s leading experts in simple, natural lifestyle and self-reliant mindset. 

To provide even in part for your own needs, whether personal, nutritional or household is immensely empowering and by adopting some of the ideas in this book you will feel fitter, more centred and aware of your capabilities and develop a deeper connection to your relationship with your natural environment and how it can support you.

With tips for simple natural lifestyle and off-grid living plus ‘how-to s’ for simple natural lifestyle such as working with willow, foraging for food, making basic wild medicines, how to make light and  toiletries from the natural materials around you plus  building humanure potato towers, making cheese and butter, natural beekeeping, natural navigation and how to line your wellies with road kill rabbit fur I hope you find value in this book and that you can journey with it.

To listen to radio interview/you tube video of Di detailing some of her experiences please click HERE


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Love, Di

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