Become a Wild Harvest  Affiliated Glamping Site with Bolt-On Activities Provision

Do you want to get more bookings quickly and easily?  Do you want to offer something a little different to the usual glamping sites?  Become more than just another accommodation provider with Wild Harvest.   

We give you our ready-made branding to use alongside your own name to advertise yourself as a Wild Harvest Affiliated glampsite.  Fill any empty weekends with our  customers – we literally can’t keep up with the demand and are looking to work with certain accommodation providers that meet our criteria. We can train you to offer a range of in-house activities including Natural Crafting Sessions, Wood Fired Pizza Cooking,  Instinctive Archery and Introductory Wild Food Foraging Walks so you can offer activity breaks and double your glamping income. 

If you don’t wish to train someone in-house we can provide visiting Wild Harvest Activity providers at no cost or admin. to you.  We are looking for people to take our customers and offer our famous activities… you keep your name but simply offer us some of your weekends.  We take 15% off your booking the rest is yours to keep plus we promote you across all our platforms.

Read The Formula and Start Doubling Your Accommodation Revenue as a Wild Harvest Affiliated Site then...


Read more about our e-book formula – How To Set Up A Successful Glamping Business and Get Fully Booked.

Or Invite A Wild Harvest Activities Provider to Run Bite Sized Sessions to Your Guests and get...

I really hope you can come on board, there isn’t a day I wake up and think; “Ugh! Work.” To chat to us about getting your weekends filled up with our wholesome groups, all looking to add on Wild Harvest Activities to their accommodation, message me using the form below! Di

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